The division focuses on transport and handling of materials for power plants, heating plants, coke plants, paper mills and others. For these plants we design landfills, storage facilities, sorting and crushing plants. We address material flow disturbances on the transport route and in storage tanks using active and passive elements. We offer problems solutions to the transition of coal plants to alternative fuels such as waste, biomass, solid alternative fuels (SAF), etc.

Biomass reception point

Dry dedusting of the bark boiler

Crushing and sorting of biofuel for K11

Reduction of fugitive emissions from the homogenisation landfill Linking the North and South agglomerations

K14 Boiler - New transport of thermal coal

Directing the fuel flow in the hoppers

Biomass mixing centre

Construction of biomass co-firing technology on the K3 boiler

Boiler room reconstruction and upgrade - 1. Stage - K6, K7 Boiler - Coal feeding

Reconstruction of the coal feeding routes

Dedusting of multifunctional plant for the steel sinter production

Within the Environment division, we handle environmental projects for our customers, such as composting plants and biodegradable waste treatment lines, EWA aerobic fermentors and BEWA boxes. We design and supply our own fuels production lines using industrial waste to make the final product known as ENERGIT (crushed mixtures for energy recovery). Moreover, we offer the design and implementation of technologies to process old environmental loads. To eliminate dust, we apply area spraying and local scraping of open landfills. Water mist based applications can be used to reduce dust during rail car unloading. We design and implement lines to transport sludge from wastewater treatment plants for further energy recovery.

Composting plant Jemnice

Water tank reconstruction

Biosledge burning - treatment of sewage sludge

Process line

Biosledge dewatering - dewatering of WWTP sludge

Safety modifications of the brewhouse technology according to ATEX

Production of energy-crushed mixture

Dust control system - CSA landfill

Dust reduction of rail car unloading

Pelhřimov Composting Plant

The Mineral Processing division focuses on mineral processing technologies. In particular, coal and lignite, graphite, pyrope sands, shale, gold, iron ore, magnesite and other raw materials. The technologies are always designed with an emphasis on the raw material to be extracted and the mining location. Customer requirements, geological surveys, laboratory analyses and tests form the basis for proper design. Within the scope of the designed technologies, we supply crushing and screening plants, treatment of the raw material in heavy liquids, treatment in hydrocyclones, flotation, filtration, stockpiles, storage facilities and expediting.

Treatment Plant Modernisation

Overhaul of Hyperbaric Filter No. 4

New coke dust transport

Modernisation of the coal treatment plant at the Silesia mine

Plant for the homogenisation of tailings to obtain aggregates for construction purposes

Assessment of the Adularya plant

Dump for FALLS wagons at the Stonávka landfill site Darkov

Energy coal sorting and production line

Slate sand production line 

Evaluation of the deposit and design of the processability of the mined raw material

Modification and separation of utility graphite deposits

Garnet sand separation line

Testing polygon for mine transport units  

Phola Coal - Coal Treatment Plant

Pilanesberg Platinum Plant – platinum processing plant

Douglas - Middelburg Coal Plant - coal treatment plant