We endeavour a number of events and projects every year. We are interested in projects that are positively perceived by the general public, especially in helping children, the disabled and the sick, in supporting education, sports and cultural development...



University Hospital Ostrava

RPS Ostrava a.s. contributed CZK 30,855 for the purchase of an Argus A 707 infusion pump for the needs of the children's ward of the Ostrava University Hospital.

For HelpFor Help


Our company made a financial contribution for the needs of autistic children at the association "FOR HELP"


Social Vehicles

We are pleased that our company could make a financial contribution for a "social car" for the Trigon Ostrava school

Čtyřlístek OstravaČtyřlístek Ostrava

Čtyřlístek Ostrava

RPS Ostrava a.s. was pleased to donate a financial contribution for the organization of the "Garden Festival"



Český červený křížČeský červený kříž

Czech Red Cross

The Czech Red Cross has prepared another edition entitled "First Aid Coloring Book”, this time for our little ones.

The colouring book is not only meant to entertain, but children should also learn something while colouring the pictures, so that they can recognize and know that everyone can help others in trouble. It is not exceptional that it is often children who contribute to saving the health or life of their friends or adults. The professional accompanying text of the colouring book takes into account the principles for providing lay first aid.

We are pleased to be able to support this activity.

Ukázka první pomoci ke stažení

International Police AssociationInternational Police Association

International Police Association

In this publication, the International Police Association responds to the increasing number of crimes against children. It builds on children's inability to recognise danger and teaches them how to respond, while charting the work of the various police forces that are ready to help children in danger. Full-colour publication "Petya needs help!" leads children to realize that the stories described can happen to them. The aim is to teach children how to behave in different situations and where they can ask for help. The book contains stories of a little boy Petya, many pictures, signs, telephone numbers, and even make-up exercises for children to test their knowledge.

We are pleased to be able to support this activity.

Billiard Hockey OstravaBilliard Hockey Ostrava

Billiard Hockey Ostrava

Olbram ChallengeOlbram Challenge

Olbram Challenge

Baník KarvináBaník Karviná

Baník Karviná

H.P. Martial GymH.P. Martial Gym

H.P. Martial Gym