Welcome at the website of RPS Ostrava a.s.

RPS Ostrava, a.s.  is a design and engineering company operating on the Czech as well as foreign markets since 1997. The company provides contractual engineering activity, design activities, implementation of constructions, supplies of technological units and steel structures in the field of power industry, biomass processing, coke plants and raw material treatment plants.

A high quality of implemented works ensures trouble-free implementation of even most demanding investment projects. The strategy of our Company is to provide our customers the complete and quality services for addressing their challenges.


Products and services


Our support

We support a lot of events and projects every year. We are interested in projects which are positively perceived by the general public, especially in the help to children, handicapped and ill, the support to education, sport and cultural development.

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RPS Ostrava a.s.
Address of the Company:

Nákladní 3719/1
702 00 Ostrava - Moravská Ostrava
Czech Republic

Company registration number: 25371738
VAT: CZ25371738

Phone No.: +420,596,263,660
Fax: +420,597,490,070
E-mail: info@rpsostrava.cz

RPS assembly centre

Petřkovická 785/4
725 29 Ostrava – Petřkovice
Czech Republic