Heineken ČR, a.s., Pivovar Krušovice (Brewery)

Year of implementation: 2012

Financial volume: EUR 715 thousand


The subject of the realization was to supplement the existing and functional technology of transport and storage of brewing malt with a comprehensive and effective solution of the work to ensure the safety of transport routes of the brewhouse technology according to the new ATEX standards. The measures consist mainly in the installation of pressure detectors and HRD units to prevent the transmission of explosion. Furthermore, the installation of shut-off dampers and magnetic separation rotary turnstiles.


  • Conveyed material - brewing malt


  • Preparation of the relevant documentation ((Construction Execution Documentation (DPS), DD, VD, AS BUILT)
  • Complete turnkey delivery
  • Supply of magnetic separation technology, rotary turnstiles, pipeline routes and technology for suppression and prevention of explosion transmission
  • Installation, engineering and commissioning
  • Manufacture of technology components