OKD, a.s., Důl Darkov (Mine)

Year of implementation: 2018 – 2019

Financial volume: EUR 460 thousand


The subject of the implementation was the construction of a dust control system at the open-air coal dump of ČSA, including the necessary power distribution and operating media.

Water mist scraping technology was used to eliminate dispersion of dust emissions from the operation of the landfill. Blowers are used to apply the water mist. These blowers are specially designed fog guns with sufficient coverage and efficiency (range up to 90 m). Two pumps connected in parallel provide the required operating water pressure of 10 - 12 bar.


  • Landfill area 42.000 m2
  • Landfill capacity 630,000 tons


  • Preparation of the relevant documentation (Building Permit documentation (DSP), Construction Execution Documentation (DPS), DD, VD, AS BUILT)
  • Complete turnkey delivery
  • Supply of landfill spraying technology, pumps and steel structures
  • Installation, engineering and commissioning
  • Fabrication of steel structure components