Dalkia ČR, a.s., Heating Plant ČSA

Year of implementation: 2010

Financial volume: 70 thousand


The object of the implementation was a comprehensive and effective technical design of the functionality of emptying raw coal storage hoppers using passive and active elements. Among the passive elements, it was chosen to clad the hopper walls with abrasion-resistant ultra-high molecular weight material - plastic and to install passive elements to change the pressure ratio at the outlet. Furthermore, active elements in the form of sword nozzles and air guns were installed to prevent the formation of vaults.


  • Stored material - raw coal


  • Preparation of the relevant documentation ((Construction Execution Documentation (DPS), DD, VD, AS BUILT)
  • Complete turnkey delivery
  • Supply of wall cladding technology and passive elements, active elements in the form of sword nozzles and air cannons and supply of steel structures
  • Installation, engineering and commissioning
  • Manufacture of technology components and steel structures