OKD, a.s., Důl Darkov (Mine)

Year of implementation: 2018 – 2019

Financial volume: EUR 1,127 thousand


The subject of the implementation was the construction of a technological production line aimed at the production of heating fuels. The production line, including the deposit of individual products, covers an area of approximately 75 x 90 m. The line consists of conveyor bridges, hoppers with gummers, a crusher station and a sorting plant.

The subject of the implementation was the construction of a new tipper on the existing siding of the Stonávka landfill. On the open area where material is mixed and railcars are filled with wheel loaders, it was decided to build a new tipper for the dumping of Falls cars. Once the soil in the vacated area was removed, a new area was created for the construction of a railroad bridge with a retaining wall and paved handling area. A train set of about 10 cars is planned to arrive for the operation with two cars tipping into the tipper. The material is then removed by wheel loaders and transported to the adjacent landfill at intervals of two hours.


  • Unloading capacity 5 railcars/hour
  • Transport capacity 325 t/h
  • Conveyed transported - washed coal, cake, coal sludge


  • Preparation of relevant documentation (Territorial Proceedings (DUR), Building Permit documentation (DSP), Construction Execution Documentation (DPS), DD, VD, AS BUILT documentation (DSPS)
  • Complete turnkey delivery
  • Delivery of the construction of the rail car tipper, track modification, construction of the pumping pit and delivery of steel structures
  • Installation, engineering and commissioning
  • Fabrication of steel structure components