Pelhřimov Municipal Office

Year of implementation: 2010

Financial volume: 700 ths. CZK


The strategic goal of the project: "Pelhřimov Composting Plant" is the installation of a facility for the processing of biodegradable waste (BRO).

All documentation was processed in accordance with the relevant decree and requirements of the State Environmental Fund (SEF) to ensure a subsidy for the implementation of the work.


  • BRO processing capacity max. 4.5 thousand t / year
  • Number of installed fermenter units 3 pcs
  • Type of operation all year round
  • Number of operating days in the year 340 days
  • Number of fermentation cycles (96 h) 85
  • Processing cycle time 48 - 96 hours.


  • Preparation of relevant documentation.
  • Documentation for territorial proceedings according to Decree No. 503/2006 Coll.
  • Documentation for building permits according to Decree No. 499/2006 Coll.
  • Documentation for contractor selection
  • Author's supervision